Ammonia test kit for fresh water HI-3824 Hanna Instrument Romania

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HI-3826 Ammonia Test Kit for Seawater 1 Box

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 Ammonia test kit for fresh water HI-3824

Ammonia test kit for fresh water


Ammonia test kit for fresh water The Hanna HI-3824 chemical test kit is designed to measure concentrations of ammonia in rivers and drinking water reservoirs which indicates the presence of agriculture or urban pollution.

When the concentration of ammonia is high enough, it can alter the smell and taste of water. In industrial applications, high concentrations of ammonia can cause corrosion in pipes.

Ammonia is also monitored in aquariums and fish farming applications because of its toxicity to fish.

The  ammonia test kit HI-3824 determines the ammonia concentration in water in several easy steps. The Nessler reagent reacts with ammonia, under strong alkaline conditions, to form a yellow coloured complex.

Kit supplied with

  • 20ml plastic beaker, colour comparison cube, 20ml ammonia reagent 1 and 20ml Nessler reagent



This test kits provides approximately 25 tests.



Method Colourimetric
Range 0.0-2.5 mg/L
Smallest Increment 0.5 mg/L
Chemical Method Nessler
Number of Tests approx. 25
Weight 180 g


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