Gas volume tester Soft Drink CO2 tester for Beverage

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Soft drink CO2 Tester 1 Pcs

Imported Products Al Noor Scientific Co. in Bangladesh


Gas volume tester Soft Drink CO2 tester

Soft Drink CO2 tester, Gas volume tester

Beverage Gas volume test meter, Soft Drink CO2 tester used for measuring the carbon dioxide content of carbonated drinks, beer . Accord to the  standard “GB / T 10792-2008 carbonated beverages (soda),” The carbon dioxide tester  can measure the total pressure of carbonated drinks, with the temperature measurement , and the Carbon dioxide absorption coefficient table can be obtained by calculating the carbon dioxide content, suitable for measuring various sizes of bottled  tin , and canned .


Products Specification


Co2 content measuring range 0-4.00%v/v,(0.8%w/w)
Pressure measuring range 0.6Mpa
Pressure gauge resolution ratio 0.01Mpa
Bottle height 50-380mm
Bottle diameter Max 115mm (more bigger diameter  Customized)
Material Stainless Steel 304 and metal


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