Sugar coating machine BY-300

৳ 199,000.00

BY-300 lab sugar coating 1 set

Laboratory Products Importer in Bangladesh



BY-300 lab sugar coating pan/chocolate coating machine/caramelized nuts machine


Applied Range


This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries for Western tablets,

pills, food and candy and other sugar-coated and lighting.


Working principle


By300 pot clockwise rotation, make sugarslip friction in the pot tumbling research extravagant,

poured into the sugar powder by hand, make sugar powder evenly distributed in all core, electric blower supplied, stretching the ball out of the air duct can be used in the heating,while the hot air blower to remove the tablet through the water surface, thereby obtaining a sugar-coated tablet stiff lattice layer to the pan.




Model BY-300
Dia of Coating Pot(mm) 300
Speed of Coating Pot(r/min) 46
Motor Power(KW) 0.37
Heating Wire Power(W) 500
Blower Power(W) 40
Capacity (KG/Time) 1-2
Weight 60
Overall Size(mm) 500*350*700
External Heating Power(W) 500



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