Laboratory Centrifuge Machine 800D, Lower Speed 4000rpm

৳ 4,000.00

Centrifuge Machine 800D (1Set)

Laboratory Products Importer in Bangladesh


Centrifuge Machine 800D Lower Speed 4000rpm

Laboratory Centrifuge Machine 800D 4000Rpm With 20ml x 6 Capacity 220V EU Plug – 220V European gauge

Model: 800D

Speed Range: Start up 4000rpm Step Speed Adjustable

Capacity: 20ml x 6 Tube

Maximum RCF 1790xg

Time Setting Range: 0-30 Minutes

The lower-speed centrifugal machine is widely used in laboratory of education, science and producing department for biology, medical and chemistry etc.
The lower-speed centrifugal machine with the maximum speed up to 4000rpm/min, mainly be used for the appraisal of radioactivity immunity and separation of cell or particle.


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