Simple Pendulum for Physics Lab

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simple pendulum 1 set

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Simple Pendulum for Physics Lab Equipment in Bangladesh.

Name: simple pendulum is an introductory exercise in experimental Physics lab. The simple pendulum may be described ideally as a point mass suspended by a massless string from some point about which it is allowed to swing back and forth in place.

The Apparatus consists of an Iron N.P. bob Brass Made of (±) 1.5 cm dia suspended by a thread. The other end of the thread is tied to the rigid support on the base.

  • Supplied with a metallic base and along Rod, Hanging Thread, & Bracket.
  • Stand Size: 2.5 Feet (Approx.)
  • Bob Material: Pitol/Iron
  • Bob Dia: ±1. 5 Cm (Approx.)
  • Bob Suspension: Hook Provided at the Top
  • Made in Bangladesh


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