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T-730 pH/mV/Conductivity/DO/ Temperature Meter

Multi-parameter analyzer for high precision measurement in laboratory covering 10 kinds of electrochemical parameters like pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. Suitable for the fields of petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, power plants and environmental protection, also widely used in areas of education and scientific research.

Main Features

  • 7 inch color capacitive screen with high resolution (1024*600) and sensitivity, which can show more parameters, more intuitive and simpler to read data.
  • Auto calibration, auto temperature compensation, data storage, USB data export, clock, wireless printing, function setup, smart self-diagnosis and other intelligent functions.
  • English and Chinese operating system, humanized design with adjustable screen brightness.
  • Built-in big memory can store 1000 sets of test data which can be saved and transferred to USB and opened with Excel, very easy and convenient for edit.
  • Auto recognition of standard pH buffers. And there are three series of buffer solutions for option: USA series, NIST series, CHINA series.
  • Auto recognition of 8 kinds of standard conductivity solutions and there are two series of standard solutions for option: USA series and China series.
  • DO mode has functions of ATC, auto salinity compensation and auto pressure compensation.
  • New structure polarographic DO electrode can measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen simultaneously, equipped with special DO electrode calibration sleeve, only need 3~5 min for polarization.
  • Combined diaphragm cap makes it extremely convenient to replace the sensitive membrane just by screwing the new cap to the electrode.
  • Able to switch between conductivity, TDS, salinity and resistivity. Multinomial calculation for TDS and salinity to ensure the conversion precision of the full scale.
  • With standard Bluetooth module and support Bluetooth printing to make operations much easier for users. Optional data transmission to PC and cell phone via Bluetooth.
  • DO measurement is polarographic and suggested to be used with our magnetic stirrer or other appropriate models chosen by customers.
  • IP54 dustproof and waterproof housing.



pH Measuring range



Input current

Input impedance


Temp compensation

(-1.99 ~ 19.99) pH

0.1/0.01 pH

±0.02 pH

≤1×10-12 A

≥3×1012 Ω


(0 ~ 100)℃ (auto or manual )

mV Measuring range



-1999.9mV ~ 0 ~ 1999.9mV


±0.1% FS

Conductivity Measuring range










Temp compensation

Electrode constants

Reference temperature


(0.00~20.00)μS/cm  (20.0~200.0)μS/cm

(200~2000μS/cm   (2.00~20.00) mS/cm


(200~2000) mS/cm (K=10)

Resistivity: (0 ~ 100) MΩ·cm

TDS: (0 ~ 100) g/L

Salinity: (0 ~ 100) ppt

0.01/0.1/1μS/cm  0.01/0.1/1 mS/cm

Electrode: ±0.5%FS, Instruments: ±0.80%FS

(0 ~ 100)℃ (automatic)

0.1/1/10 cm-1

25℃, 20℃,18℃

DO Measuring range



Response time

Residual current

Temp compensation

Salinity compensation

Pressure compensation

Automatic calibration

Electrode type

(0 ~ 20.00)mg/L(ppm)   (0 ~ 200.0)%

0.1/0.01 mg/L(ppm)     1/0.1 %

±0.40 mg/L, ±0.3%

≤30s (25℃, 90%response)

≤0.1 mg/L

(0 ~ 100)℃(automatic)

(0 ~ 45) ppt (automatic)

(80 ~ 105) kPa (automatic)

Air saturated by water; water saturated by air


Temperature Measuring range



-10℃ ~ 110℃


5~ 60℃: ±0.4℃  Others: ±0.8℃

Other Parameters Data storage

Storage contents



Power requirements


Dimensions & Weight


Measuring value series number, measuring value, temperature, ATC or MTC state, measuring date and time.


USB, Bluetooth


Working Conditions Ambient temperature

Ambient humidity

IP grade

5 ~ 35℃




Standard Configuration

  1. T-730 pH/mV/Conductivity/DO meter              1 unit
  2. Rotary electrode holder                                   1 pc
  3. Composite pH electrode                                  1 pc
  4. Conductivity electrode                                     1 pc
  5. DO electrode                                                   1 pc
  6. pH buffer(pH4.00, pH6.86, pH9.18/50ml)    1 set
  7. 12V power adapter                                          1 pc
  8. DO membrane cap                                          3 pcs
  9. DO electrode electrolyte (30ml)                       1 bottle
  10. Operation manual in USB                              1 copy



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