ZEAL Digital Clock & Hygro-Thermometer SH-110, Zeal Digital Hygrometer SH-110

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  • Model: SH-110
  • Brand: ZEAL
  • Qty of Price: 1PCS
ZEAL in Bangladesh



Zeal Digital Hygrometer & Clock SH-110

  • Function:Digital Hygro-Thermometer& Clock


    *Display Indoor temperature and humidity, Outdoor temperature;

    *Record the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity;

    *Deg °C and deg °F switch;        *Freeze from -1 ° C to +4°C;

    *Temperature measure range:

    Indoor:-10-+50°C(+14 *122°F) Outdoor: -50 +70° C(-58-+158°F)

    *Humidity measure range: 20-99%RH; *Accuracy: */-1°C,+/-5%RH;

    *Time and alarm;          *1.5V operate(AAA);


    *MAX/MIN: display the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity;on set mode,it can add 1;

    *MODE/SET/CLEAR:to set the time and alarm; clear the maximum and minimum memory;

    *IN/OUT: switch Indoor and Outdoor temperature display;

    *C/F:switch Celsius and Fahrenheit display;

    *FZ. ALERT: on or off freeze alert.

    Operation Description:

  • Press<MODE/SET/CLEAR>,the upline of LCD can switch from Time Mode to Alarm Mode;on Time Mode, hold the key 2 seconds,it into Time Set Mode, press <MAX/MIN> can set the time ; on Alarm Mode,hold the key 2 seconds,it into Alarm Set Mode,use the same way to set the alarm




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